Stylist Live 2017…the build up

This year is the third time I have exhibited at Stylist Live. In 2015, I was one of the carefully selected handpicked brand’s to be part of the first ever Stylist Live, the event celebrating Stylist Magazine. It was a huge honour for me, firstly because I had just set up my business and I had been a big fan of Stylist Magazine itself, picking it up every week when we lived in London. (After that, I actually subscribed to it paying £1 every week for it to be delivered to my home in Buckinghamshire even though it was free to pick up on the streets of London!)

For this year’s Stylist Live event, I created a mood board to help communicate a vision for what I wanted my stand to look like and created a Pinterest board. Following tradition, I kept the walls dark and colour wise, I try to stay close to brand colours. Most of my work is on a light background so they immediately ‘pop’ when displayed on a dark wall. To enhance the botanical theme which is currently influencing my illustrative work, I chose a dark green paint as the shell scheme stand colour.

To balance my work and creating a stunning visual space is quite hard! I researched a lot of selling techniques, displays, visited other trade shows and events to gather ideas and taken advantage of the wonderful world of Pinterest. A particular favourite is Anthropologie’s visual merchandising and beautiful window displays.

This year my stand is 1.5m x 2m, so I have spent a long time working out the overall appearance. However, sometimes you just have to wait until the actual day before it totally comes together.